The Native Ecosystem

Whether you want to join or create a community, Native provides the tools you need to participate in the emerging decentralized financial system. Let’s explore how it works.

Discover Communities

Explore the Native network of communities and join the ones that align with your values and interests. Here are some examples of Community types that you’ll find:

  • Enterprise communities aligned around a product or service
  • Project-focused communities for use in tech accelerators
  • Social Impact communities aligned around a purpose
  • Entertainment communities to support shows and memes

Join your community

Now that you found the right communities, it’s time to join! Become a member by purchasing and staking community tokens. Once you join, gain access to exclusive membership benefits like:

  • Access to members within the community
  • Ability to do tasks to earn money
  • Member-only data, downloads and communication


Support Community Projects

Help decide which projects should be funded with your community’s resources.

Make Important Decisions

Participate in community decision making and transparently ensure collective agreement.

Get Paid Doing Work You Enjoy

Help bring the community vision to life by offering your unique services. Complete tasks and get paid.

The Native Prototype is Live on Rinkeby Testnet

Discover and join our pilot communities or explore creating your own.

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Nerding out? Learn more about the economics behind Native.

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