Welcome to Native

Are you looking to find communities to join? Are you interested in starting your own community? Let’s take a deeper dive into Native and show you how it all works.

Find your people

Your first step is to explore and join communities that align with the things you care about. Want to conserve energy? Save the Earth? Join flash mobs around the world? Or maybe even join a lemonade loving community? Put your money where your heart is.

You’ve got tokens!

Now that you are part of the Lemonade Community, you can track its value and participate in building the community. Fund relevant projects and earn by doing tasks.



Create and Support Projects

Projects are one of the main features on Native. Decide which of your community’s projects are important and get stuff done in the world.


Your Vote Matters

Help shape your community by voting on important topics, like choosing which flavors of lemonade you want to offer at the stand.


Claim Tasks, Earn Money!

When you complete tasks for your community, the overall value of the community goes up. You get paid in community tokens for each task you complete.

Find your Communities

We encourage you to join communities you are passionate about.

Browse Communities

Nerding out? Learn more about the economics behind Native.

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