Native Community

Powering community driven economies.

Native provides economic stimulus and social tools to brands, communities and municipalities.

What is Native?

Native is a platform that enables communities to unlock their inherent value. By encouraging local spending within the community and providing new types of monetary incentives to members, Native enables new ways for communities to engage online. In addition to the economic benefits, it is possible to build communities that are owned by its members using Native.

Communities can be focused around municipalities, brand loyalty programs, celebrities, artists, musicians, digital publications, non-profit organizations, conferences and more. The Native model enables any community organization to set up a rewards program that turns passive members into active participants, and a membership structure to provide the most loyal community members with exclusive benefits.

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How it Works


Launch Your Application

Each organization will create and deploy their own instance of the Native application customized to their needs.


Activate Your Community

Encourage citizens and businesses to use the application through education and monetary incentives.



As people continue to use Native, the local economy is strengthened and the community receives the benefits.

Ready to create your community on Native?

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