Native Community

Unlock the value of your community.

Native helps digital communities organize, incentivize their members and generate revenue in new ways.

What is Native?

Until now, organizing and operating digital communities has been limited to centralized platforms, resulting in limited capacity to incentivize long-term and meaningful member engagement. Through these major social media networks, digital communities can expand globally but have no universally recognized economic system to realize the value of their efforts.

Imagine using blockchain technology to deploy digital community infrastructure at scale, and keeping the value inside the communities. Native enables digital communities to organize members, facilitate growth and simplify operational processes all in one application. Through unique community tokens, a functional set of governance tools and flexible incentive structures for member engagement, Native provides the system for the next wave of community sovereignty.

Create your digital community on the blockchain

Native provides the infrastructure to build and operate your decentralized organization.

Design your economy and token model

Native provides recommendations for different community types so community organizers can deploy the optimal ecosystem for each community.

Transparent and open governance tools

Organize and make collective decisions through voting, projects, and tasks.

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How it Works


Discover & Launch

Native is a network of communities. Find communities that share your goals and values or launch your own.


Connect & Participate

Participate in the anti-rivalrous network. Inside communities you can cast votes, propose projects, and earn tokens through bounties.


Network Prosperity

Our platform and economic model is designed so that as communities grow, the network grows.

Native Alpha is live on Ethereum Mainnet.

Want to launch your community on Native?

Tell us about it so we can start the conversation.